5 Jan


 Post Nuclear Bomb Babies

By India Bharti


This is a song for all you post-nuclear bomb babies
for all of us who share this terrible radioactive destiny
for every person who’s ever pondered on the planet’s fate
Can the race survive or is it already much too late
Om Namah Shivaya

At the turn of the century it really seemed
that the universe was just an enormous machine
a mechanical thing just the sum of its parts
the mystical vision had no place in men’s hearts
Then Max Plank, Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein
removed the distinction between matter and mind
and provided us all with the fantastic insight
that all we’re composed of is just compressed light
Om Namah Shivaya

So no when we consider all the problems we face
we must keep in mind we’re within an ace
of abandoning those outmoded material laws
that bind us to our bodies and are the cause
of so much personal and international strife
that distort and disfigure the whole fabric of life
Om Namah Shivaya

So if we would the whole world rearrange
it’s within ourselves we must begin the great change
for the new laws of physics show with absolute certainty
that I am just you and you are just another part of me
Om Namah Shivaya

So it’s up to us
to all us post nuclear bomb babies
To all of us who share this terrible radioactive destiny
to every person who’s ever pondered on the planet’s fate
whether the race survives or whether it’s already much too late
Om Namah Shivaya


let go

3 Jan

It’s been awhile, but in the time I was away I went to Colombia and Mexico which was really fun. I was in Medellin, Colombia and Tulum, Mexico and also was able to see the pyramid dedicated to Quetzalcoatl at Chitzen Itza. Quetzacoatal, the feathered serpent, the morning star, bringer of knowledge.

In other news on December 24th 2011 the new moon entered Capricorn and was in conjunction with Pluto.  Pluto is the lord of the underworld, that which is buried, hidden, regeneration, rebirth, transformation, death, new life, healing, decay, catharsis.  It seems to have brought up a major theme in my life and the lives around me, and maybe, hopefully in the lives of us all, let go. What are we holding on to that is causing us so much sadness, anger, fear, whatever your deal is, what can we confront, individually, as a whole, what can we let go of so that we can heal, be reborn. The Buddhists think all suffering is caused by our attachment, attachment to material, money, comfort, expectations, life, all things, all we need to do is let go. I think when we let go we are reborn to a new reality where things can just be….. Nothing in life is permanent, all is transitory, ever-changing. I am grateful for these changes, I am grateful for this entire experience, I am. I love you all, sun, moon, life, breath. Things come and go, opinions change, people live and die, flora blooms and decays,  all that remains is love, the unity of all things, vibration, energy.


Staying busy

18 Sep

 I am that

26 Jul

This is my painting for the Love Machine art show at Under the Needle Tattoo located just off 2nd and Lenora in Seattle. The opening will be Sat August 13th starting at 8 if any one wants to come down, it should be a fun party. All the imagery in this painting is Tlingit, the shamans bear mask and bear crest and the hands that symbolize being of the spirit world. The Northwest coast Natives actually had a rich tattoo culture, I could relay information here or I could just send you to the webpage of my inspiration here: http://www.larskrutak.com/articles/Tlingit_Haida/. I don’t want to spoil your own perspective on this painting but I will say one thing, thought is electric and the spark that shapes what we perceive as our reality. I hope I didn’t blow it for you.

Here is a tattoo I did the other day that I had a lot of fun doing, thank you Ally you were great and good luck to you in your travels. I learned something new while doing this tattoo that alki means by and by or hope for the future. I feel really blessed that I had taken a wild edible plants class the weekend before this tattoo. At the class I ate fresh salmon berries and blackberry blossoms, clover, nettle, dandelion, Jerusalem artichoke, pine needles and pineapple weed, delicious. Thanks to that class I have begun to look at plant structure in a new way and I feel like it will be a benefit to my tattoo work and will help me find even more awe in nature.

There is a national debt deadlock going on in our nations capitol and every one is spouting fear and anger, there was a massacre in Norway and everyone is spouting fear and anger, people are dying of starvation, disease and war the world over and everyone is spouting fear and anger. I do not know what time will bring for the human race, all I do know is we can not survive like this, come what may. Fear anger and hate do nothing to help us evolve they only send us further into fear and anger and hate which breeds war and disease and a hell of our own creation. I am not enlightened; I am not anything at all, all  I am is I am and so are you. All I know about the future was said by the Hopi;

“Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the Great Shelter of Life.”

I am not perfect, far from it, but I try every day to  step forward into a life of unity with all things, a life free of judgement and expectations and a life of unconditional love. It is a journey with an end that is nowhere in sight for me and some days I take several steps back but I try to be conscious of my goal everyday (underline try). We all have work to do so let’s do it!

Thank you.


17 Jun



So exciting things are happening in my world, as of Mon the 20th I will be working with the awesome talented crew at Lucky Devil in Seattle Wa so come on down and say hi!

Lucky Devil Tattoo

1720 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 323-1637


In other news last night was the first night in awhile that was clear enough to see some stars. I love looking up at the sky.

more new stuff!

3 Jun

Memorial tattoo for John Paul who died mysteriously, rest in peace.

And finally my sloppy first attempt at enamel paint on metal!


2 May


Here are some things I have been working on lately, sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been working on finding my truth lately so it has distracted me from other things.

With the crazy events that are happening in the world I hope that we as a collective consciousness can look past all the lies we have been bathing in for centuries and create a new reality based on a universal truth of the delicate nature of this waking life. I hope we can all realize the inherent unity that pulses through everything in this world and we can fall in love with that, with each other, with our selves. I can not live inside the minds of others I can only hope that by living my truth, by constantly evolving into a more loving being I can influence that collective consciousness.