18 Apr

How does one find themselves amidst all this noise? Noise that ultimately is self-created. Finding a place of relative stillness and diving to the depths, that seems to be the challenge; and how in this journey of apparent solitude do we feel connected?

Distance does funny things when you feel it all the time. To KNOW that everything is one, everything is connected and to FEEL it are two very different things.

Its funny, painful and joyous to experience the simultaneous duality of this existence. We carry around so much, this burden is heavy with memories and the conditioning they create. I can feel alone, knowing that no one else can feel the richness of this weight and yet we are all collectively sharing it. Subjective AND objective; personal AND shared, and maybe that is something we can all take comfort in.

We can always choose a new path, break away from this luggage. We are never destined to repeat ourselves sometimes we just choose to without complete awareness of it and it’s hard to know you have until it seems too late;



Ardha Chandra:

Looking up at the moon in its half full glory, growing against the lapis late evening sky I feel as if I could dissolve away into it forever. In that moment I do.



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