about a tree

10 Jul






Image“Before the ocean was, or earth, or heaven,

Nature was all alike, a shapelessness,

Chaos, so called, all rude and lumpy matter,

Nothing but bulk, inert, in whose confusion

Discordant atoms warred: there was no sun

To light the universe; there was no moon

With slender silver crescents filling slowly;

No earth hung balanced in surrounding air;

No sea reached far along the fringe shore…

Air without light, substance forever changing,

forever at war: within a single body”

-Ovid, Metamorphoses


I Hear your voice

the wind hoists your message to my ears

Your song draws me near

I round a corner to see your beautiful face

Even from here I can feel your soft embrace

I lay at your feet in this moment, now

I lay at your feet for all eternity, forevermore

The shadows of your arms caress my face

I call up to your towers;

I love you

I run my hands through your soil

I whisper secrets into your roots

This matter is heavy

may i shed it off into you

So that you can be nourished and grow

It was always yours

My love let the wind fill your pleura

and exhale a song

Sing of all the times we’ve shared

in this moment for all eternity

Thank you



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