27 Feb

In case no one has realized I am not the greatest at taking pictures.

In other news I would like to share some insight from one of my yoga instructors, that yoga is the practice of death and the pranayama exercises are teaching us how to live with out breath. The goal of all of this is to be ready to dissolve.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and this electrified instrument of flesh seems so foreign to me, but the thought of anything without it is equally as foreign. I went to see Earth and Low Hums last night at the Highline, it was an awesome show, and if  drone is a type of music that resonates with you then you should check out these bands.

There are times when I am around large groups of people that I can imagine I am observing things from each person’s point of view. I am, have been and will be every emotion and thought that surrounds me, but also these imaginings are filtered through my own perspective and life experience. So how can it be that life plays itself out in repetition of archetypical roles and emotions and yet each experience remains unique for every individual in every moment of time, or is it?

I have decided I will work on listening more in the coming days and weeks.


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