Musings on Definition

4 Dec

Today thoughts lead me to the true nature of all matter and what is truly an accurate definition of an object. We define an object with a word but it can also be described in the elements that make the object, the people who labored to create it, the forces of nature that provided the raw material, the raw material itself and the powers of the universe that created the forces of nature that created the raw material for that object. We could trace everything back to the very origins of space and time. Physics teaches us that matter is nothing but atoms, particles flashing in and out of existence and a whole bunch of empty space, so it that the true nature of an object, illusion? Maybe yes and no, I guess today I want to rethink my definition of everything and everyone. In conclusion to my theoretical ramblings I leave you with chapter 1 verse 43 of The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali:

“When the store house of memories and impressions

is completely purified,

perception is

empty of vacillations,

and only the object’s

true essence

shines forth in

thought free perception.”


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